29 July 2008

Bookmarky imagery

Photos of the bookmarks I made at last. Taking these photos has made me aware of how difficult it is to take a good photo of something so small. Holiday snaps are so much easier.

They are twisted wire and bead concoctions. Don't twist too much or the wire snaps off (which I only did once) but twist enough so you don't have silly floppy beads (that took a few more attempts to get right).

The little leaf beads are most obliging in this way, but the longer leaf beads still have a degree of movement that rather suits them with these bigger flowers.

And then of course there were a couple of orchids. I think next time I might not even bother with the leaves.

They were such a joy to make.

26 July 2008


Serendipitous greetings,

Good news is the sweet creativity that is Honeyed Alchemy has got off to a flying start - I've made several lovely bookmarks in the last few days which you should all see once the camera and I come to some sort of agreement.

24 July 2008

Birthday Blog


Today is my birthday. To mark the occasion I'm launching into making one craft project per day for the next year. I've so many ideas on what I want to do and I'm not going to put it off any longer.

I'm uncertain about one year being realistic for this sort of endeavour, but I'm going to have a red hot go at it!

Have a good one